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News From the Reunion Committee:
Your class reunion committee has been meeting and setting plans in motion for the upcoming 50th reunion...more details to follow from the March 13th committee meeting.

Greg Wells
March 3, 2018....Early afternoon between 1:00 & 1:30 someone bush hogging & it sparked underneath (hit a rock or something) which started a small fire & then very quickly turned to a roaring prairie fire.  It came so fast they were unable to save is home but he was able to get out just in time.  Part of the house was actually on fire when they got him out.

Gred has lost everything he had & as some of you know he has had some health struggles.  This is Very difficult time for him right now.  Let's do all we can to come together & get him what he needs to make this a little easier on him.  Thank  You to All who haoped in getting him out safe.  Greg our Thoughts & Prayers are with You & Your Family. 

Just Once
Will a moment be lived in a lifetime..
A moment of laughter..

In strengths through old weaknesses, better ideals through rejection of past ones, solutions to problems through exploration, love through friendship.

In achieving..higher goals by striving towards the impossible, personal fulfillment through recognition of one's work, knowledge of destination by turning from worn pathways.

In understanding..oneself through inward change, others by realizing character, life by experiencing the simple joys of living.

A moment of tears...
From being defeated by the better, by seeing cold facts in past beauty, by being outside of sheltering security.

From watching happiness unaboidably diminish, by discovering an unexpected end to a promising idea, by suddenly not knowing where to turn in a point of crisis.

From loss..of hope when goals become unattainable, of meaning to life when everthing seems wrong, of a loved one who is suddenly taken away. Don't merely exist without being alive..
Alive to each moment, each hour, each day
Just once...
But forever..

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May 3,4,5, 2019
Sept. 13,14,15, 2019
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